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Understand Chlorine in Swimming Pool

Have you watched the episode of Talking Point where they talked about the swimming pools? It was a pretty good episode so we decided to share it too.

Here's the thing that we wanted to share:

The Ammonia from human body reacts with the Chlorine from the swimming pool to form Chloramine.

These reactions caused the Chlorine level in the swimming pools to drop. Excessive amount of Ammonia will cause the Chlorine level to fall below the ideal range in the swimming pool reducing it's ability to disinfect the pool effectively.

So where is this Ammonia coming from?

Ammonia gets into the swimming pool via human body via sweat and urine.

So how can we help about this?

Rinse the sweat off at the showering point before entering the water and go to the toilet to pee when needed.

While it might be hard to reinforce, we should do our part to watch our hygiene in the pool. This will greatly help to maintain good water quality of the pool.

In case you are curious which episode of Talking Point we are talking about, here's the link for you to watch that episode:

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