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Advancing Forward: From ActiveSG to MyActiveSG+ (Swimming Facility Updates)

Continuing from our previous update on the transition to the new MyActiveSG+ platform, we have more specific updates regarding swimming classes and facility access. These changes will affect how you purchase and use entrance tickets for swimming classes. Here’s everything you need to know to stay prepared and make your swimming experience as smooth as possible.

Changes to Entrance Fee Procedures

Pre-Purchase Required: Effective immediately, the process for accessing swimming pools will change. The automatic deduction of entrance fees by scanning your NRIC or student ID at the pool entrance is discontinued. Moving forward, all users are required to purchase their entrance tickets through the system prior to arriving at the pool. You can still use your NRIC or student ID to scan for entry, but this will only work if the ticket has already been purchased and linked to your ID.

Types of Entrance Passes

Specific Passes for Specific Pools:

  • Conventional Pool Tickets: These are only valid at conventional pools. Ensure you purchase the correct type of ticket to match your destination.

  • Featured Pool Tickets: Similarly, tickets for featured pools are exclusive to those venues. Please verify the type of pool you plan to visit before buying your tickets.

Recommendations: To minimize hassle, entrance passes purchased are valid for 3 months. We recommend buying multiple passes in advance and storing them in your account for future use. This way, you can avoid the need for frequent transactions and ensure you’re always ready for your swim.

ActiveSG Credits and MyCash Updates

Temporary Hold on ActiveSG Credits: Please be aware that ActiveSG credits will be temporarily unavailable for use until 15 August. This pause is essential to ensure a smooth transfer of credits to the new system. During this period, all purchases must be made using a credit card in app.

MyCash Refund: If you have unused MyCash, rest assured that it will be refunded to your PayNow-NRIC-linked bank account by 31 August. Please ensure your NRIC is correctly linked to PayNow to receive your refund without any issues.

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