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Dive Deeper: Unleash Your Potential with Free Swim Training!

Hey Water Enthusiasts!

Guess what? The pool party's not over! Regardless your learn-to-swim journey with us or others, we've got something cool brewing just for you. We believe swimming is a skill worth keeping alive, so we're throwing open the doors for some free swim training.

Why Keep Swimming?

You know that saying, "Use it or lose it"? Well, we think that's pretty spot on, especially when it comes to swimming. Once you've conquered the basics, why not keep the momentum going? It's not just about laps; it's about enjoying the water and staying on top of your game.

Our free swim training is a low-key affair, perfect for our awesome swimmers, alumnus and anyone else looking to dive into the next level of aquatic awesomeness. No need for super fancy strokes—just come as you are, and let's make a splash together!

Join the WhatsApp

Stay in the loop with our swimming shenanigans! Jump into our WhatsApp Community for the inside scoop and updates. You can also drop us a quick message at +65 9679 4679 to jump on board.

Our Schedule

We get it; life's busy! Our free swim training goes down every Tuesday at 7 pm and every Saturday at 8 pm at the Bukit Batok Swimming Complex.

Can't make it every time? No worries! We've got you covered with weekly training programmes. Stay connected with the water, even if you can't join us every week. It's like having your own personal swim coach, minus the stopwatch.

In a nutshell

Swimming is not just a skill; it's a lifestyle, and you're invited. Join us for some wet and wild adventures, keep the swimming spirit alive, and let's dive into success together See you at the pool—Tuesday at 7 pm and Saturday at 8 pm, Bukit Batok Swimming Complex!

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