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SwimSafer Assessment is Back... and Better

Good news everyone! We know you have been waiting for this. SwimSafer assessment is back! Assessments are set to commence in September and registration has opened.

Yes, we have moved our assessment registration to because we have grown over the years. With the goal of making the whole assessment experience a better one, we have teamed up with other partners to make SwimSafer assessment more awesome!

All the existing perks remains and additional perks for YOU!

  1. Mailing of certificate to your preferred address for FREE!

  2. Dedicated email address to answer to all your enquiries about SwimSafer.

  3. More dates and locations to choose from.

  4. Discount codes for registration if you are clients of any of our listed partners.

Have more suggestions? Email to feedback. We will be glad to receive them.

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