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Why do we have SwimSafer Revision?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

When you talk about swimming assessment, SwimSafer assessment will be the first to come to mind. That is because SwimSafer is the national water safety programme endorsed by Sport Singapore and Ministry of Education since July 2010.

Other than providing SwimSafer assessment, School of Swimology also provides revision session for our swimmers going for the assessments and here's the reasons why:

1. Continuous evolvement of syllabus

With the review of SwimSafer syllabus over the years, SwimSafer has evolved to ensure that swimmers who underwent the programme are robust in their water survival techniques and knowledgeable in water safety. More stringent requirements are expected out of the swimmers when they are going through the assessments.

Simply put, it means the assessments are getting harder to pass, so we should have a revision to allow swimmers to gain more confidence right?

2. Lack of knowledge

We have conducted multiple assessments, and we have to admit that we do not have 100% passes all the time. While there are many factors attributing to it, a significant number of swimmers who did not make it for the assessments were not because they cannot perform the required task, but their lack of preparation for the sequence that they need to perform during the assessment.

It is totally not worth it to fail the assessment because of lack of preparation, so revision provides an excellent opportunity for them to experience the whole assessment without pressure. Knowing the assessment well is half the battle won.

3. Additional Practice

While the revision helps the swimmers understand the assessment better, it also serves as a checkpoint for us to identify if there is any skills that require polishing before going for the assessment.

We do just-in-time learning the Singapore way.

4. Familiarisation

SwimSafer assessments can only be conducted at limited locations, but we have swimmers learning island wide. Not all swimmers are able to learn at those assessment locations. Having a revision session at the actual location of the assessment helps swimmers to fell more at ease during the assessment.

This is what we call stage fright right?

We have seen too many swimmers unable to progress in their stages just because they cannot perform as well during assessments. SwimSafer revision is here to help swimmers eliminate those factors, so we strongly encourage swimmers to sign up for revision before the assessment.

To check on our revision and assessment schedule, click here.

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