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Floatfit - Working out on Water

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Sometimes, working out on land does feel a little boring... and that is normal. We all love novelty!

We understand that and brought Floatfit officially to Singapore so that you try it first hand. You might have heard or seen Floatfit some way or another by now, we are bringing workout from land to water.

The Equipment

Created by AquaPhysical, Floatfit is a fitness exercise programme on water using Aquabase - world's first inflatable exercise mat. The Aquabase is designed to stay at the same position, so that you can exercise without moving around in the water. It can hold a weight up to 150kg at optimum pressure. Although it is floating on water, Aquabase creates a flat surface to ensure an effective workout with the unstable conditions of the water.

The Programme

The workout on the Aquabase has been designed to bring exercises on land to an unstable platform on the water. Your muscles, especially core muscles, will have to work continuously to keep yourself balanced. Yes, it is challenging but that's what makes it fun. It is no wonder Floatfit has more than 1500 trainers over 55 countries.

Currently, Floatfit has 3 different types of programme:

1. Floatfit HIIT

2. Floatfit BALANCE

3. Floatfit GROW

Floatfit HIIT, like the name suggest, is a high intensity interval training on water which includes the conventional squats, mountain climbers, burpees and lunges. Exercises are done in short, intense burst.

Floatfit BALANCE is inspired by Yoga and

Pilates to focus on breathing and movement. This programme challenges balance and boost mental wellbeing.

Floatfit GROW is packed with action to encourage lifelong love for fitness. This programme is designed to engage children and create a quality engagement among families.

Aquaphysical is constantly looking for more variety and they will be launching more programmes in the future.

The Expectations

First of all, expect to get wet. It is a water-based workout after all. Focus on challenging yourself and don't worry about falling. Fall if you need to, you might just need to get a refreshing break in the water from the exercises.

Depending on the locations and requirement, the classes are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. The class usually starts off with familiarisation to help you get used to being on the Aquabase. Depending on the your fitness level, there will be progression and regression so that you can reap the most benefit from the session.

The Benefits

You already know the benefits of exercising - increased level of fitness, strength and flexibiity. Because you are working out on the water, you get extra training on your stability and coordination. A 30 minute HIIT session can burn up to 360 calories!

With all the concentration on balancing throughout the workout, it helps to improve your mental wellbeing too! It is also a great opportunity to make new friends, exercise and have fun at the same time.

The Requirement

The recommended requirement to join a Floatfit class is:

1. Swim 25 metres

2. Tread water for 45 seconds

3. Do a forward roll in the water

4. Be comfortable in deep water

Taking into the account of the above requirement and wanting more people to be able to join in this fun yet challenging programme, School of Swimology has made it easier. All sessions are done in a training pool of 0.9-1m pool, unless stated otherwise and anybody, regardless swimmer or non-swimmer, are able to join the session!

The Attire

Ideally swimming costume is still recommended because we are still in the swimming pool. If you wish to be more conservative, you are free to wear additional layer of gym wear. Remember to bring along an extra set of clothes to change after the session.

One of the popular items among participants is the Moveman's mircrofiber towel as it is very absorbent to dry you up fast, and dries quickly after use.

The Locations

Floatfit is currently located at 3 locations in Singapore:

1. Clementi Swimming Complex

2. Geylang East Swimming Complex

3. Toa Payoh Swimming Complex

You can sign up for the session at any of the 3 locations on ActiveSG. Prices and schedules are all on it too.

If you wish to have Floatfit classes near you, drop us an email at, let us know where you would like to have it and we will be in touch with you.

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