Floatfit - Working out on Water

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Sometimes, working out on land does feel a little boring... and that is normal. We all love novelty!

We understand that and brought Floatfit officially to Singapore so that you try it first hand. You might have heard or seen Floatfit some way or another by now, we are bringing workout from land to water.

The Equipment

Created by AquaPhysical, Floatfit is a fitness exercise programme on water using Aquabase - world's first inflatable exercise mat. The Aquabase is designed to stay at the same position, so that you can exercise without moving around in the water. It can hold a weight up to 150kg at optimum pressure. Although it is floating on water, Aquabase creates a flat surface to ensure an effective workout with the unstable conditions of the water.

The Programme

The workout on the Aquabase has been designed to bring exercises on land to an unstable platform on the water. Your muscles, especially core muscles, will have to work continuously to keep yourself balanced. Yes, it is challenging but that's what makes it fun. It is no wonder Floatfit has more than 1500 trainers over 55 countries.

Currently, Floatfit has 3 different types of programme:

1. Floatfit HIIT

2. Floatfit BALANCE

3. Floatfit GROW

Floatfit HIIT, like the name suggest, is a high intensity interval training on water which includes the conventional squats, mountain climbers, burpees and lunges. Exercises are done in short, intense burst.