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Weekly Swimming Training Programme

We have been receiving many enquiries about training programmes, because you wanted to do more on your own

"We would like to have more training on our own so that we can get better."

Hence starting February this year, we will be posting a weekly training programme for those who are interested. The post will be published every Monday at 8am. Anyone is free to try it.

"We are also concern if the training might be too easy or too tough for us."

Who is it for?

This training programme is designed for swimmers who are able to swim proficiently in these styles: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Frontcrawl.

You may change the sets / distance to your suit your capability so anybody can use the programme. Altering the programme might not achieve the outcome that was intended, but you still get your swim.

How much time do I need to cater for the programme?

About an hour, or slightly more inclusive of warming up and cooling down. Do take note that the session may take longer than an hour depending on your proficiency level.

Do I need to prepare any equipment?

Other than your swimsuit, goggles and swim cap, it is recommended to have a pull kick board (Pull buoy and kick board is fine too). Swim paddles and flippers are optional.

Anything else to take note?

Enjoy the swim!

If you have any questions, doubts or special request, feel free to drop us an email at askme

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