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Are Sports Coaches Really the Weak Link in Singapore Covid-19 Fight?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Have you read the article on Straits Times about coaches being the weakest link in the Covid-19 fight? If you have not, here is the link:

If you were to ask, it is really hard to answer. With almost all the other activities for children discontinued or moved online, with an exception of 1 to 1 sports lessons carried on outdoors, many are questioning lessons such as swimming isn't discontinued.

Some would agree that activities such as swimming will pose a threat against the fight with Covid-19.

Inevitably, there is a possible risk of infection during the lesson. In fact, any activity will carry risk of infection; including the hospitals with stringent protocols.

We cannot speak for all coaches, but in the School of Swimology, we ensure that all Swimologists have their masks on (by Moveman) throughout the lesson; even inside the pool. The mask will only be taken off when Swimologists are having their face submerged underwater and this only happens when the coaches are demonstrating a skill or ensuring the safety of students underwater. During this period, Swimologists will intentionally distance themselves away from the students with minimized speaking. This acts as an additional safety measure to protect our Swimologists and students. Despite all safety measures and social distancing being taken, it will still not completely eliminate the risk of infection. We are doing all we can to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

It is not wise to take chances.

With the enhanced measures put out by our government and almost all activities discontinued or moved online, some believe we shouldn't take chances. However, unlike other activities, swimming cannot be moved online. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the coaches. Stopping classes completely would mean taking away their livelihood. We believe all coaches are doing their best to follow the safety guidelines as failure to do so may result in losing their source of income. Adding on, no coach would wish to be the one infecting their students with Covid-19, hence they will take extra precautions, be socially responsible to ensure that they themselves are healthy and safe.

With all that being said, in such a situation, nothing is 100% foolproof. We have all gone through circuit breaker, eased measures, and now back to enhanced protocols. There is always a chance of outbreak and all we can do is minimize the risks involved. Life goes on, we are all trying to do our part ain't we?

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