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We wear Face Mask during swimming lessons too!

Because wearing a face mask is the new norm, so School of Swimology now have a mask for every Swimologist.

Swimologist wearing face mask in the pool
Swimologists wearing face mask in the pool
The cool fact: The face mask can be worn during coaching classes.

Isn't it interesting that the mask can be worn in aquatics condition? We, for sure, are impressed.

The main structure of the mask is made up of silicone which makes it waterproof. The filter is water resistant with Bacteria Filtration Efficiency of 95%.

We wear it because it is extremely comfortable to be worn for the whole day and it makes it safe for our Swimologists and swimmers.

Unlike land activities, swimming has a lot higher risks involved. Our Swimologists are required to react quickly to any situation. Having the mask on really benefitted us:

  1. First of all, it is a requirement for to wear mask, Swimologists will be able to fulfill the requirement.

  2. The mask is breathable even after water splashes on it which makes it comfortable to wear in and out of the water.

  3. Having the mask on gives more assurance to both Swimologists and swimmers that there is a layer of safety precaution taken to minimise the possibility of any spread of virus. Our Swimologists meet many swimmers everyday, we would not wish to be the ones spreading the virus.

  4. Because of aquatic conditions, even an advance swimmer might be in need of help. Swimologists are always ready to perform any rescue if required, and they may need to come into close contact with the swimmers, hence having a mask on will be much safer.

We have tried other options (e.g. face shield), it does not offer the same kind of assurance for our Swimologists and swimmers. We are glad that Moveman is able to provide such amazing products for our Swimologists. We would highly recommend their products.

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Steve Kursman
Steve Kursman
04 jun 2022

Is this mask designed for swimming laps in a pool?

Me gusta
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