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Resumption of Classes for 12 and Below

Following the update released by Sport Singapore on 7 Oct 2021, below are the summary of the changes that will affect us:

Swimming / Life Saving / Hydrotherapy / Water Conditioning

  1. Classes for below 12 years old will be able to resume from 11 Oct 2021 onwards

  2. Group classes will still remain suspended until 24 Oct 2021

  3. Private classes will still be able to proceed with the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the swimmers' proficiency level. Your Swimologist will contact the respective classes to make arrangements.

  4. Classes with seniors above 60 years old is recommended to stop for the time being. If you are one of the affected swimmers, please discuss with your Swimolgists if you wish to continue swimming during this period


  1. FloatFit classes will remain suspended until 24 Oct 2021 at all our locations

  2. Private FloatFit classes can be arranged, please contact us at to arrange.

  3. Seniors above 60 years old is recommended to refrain from joining the class for the time being. Please contact us if you wish to have other arrangements.

SwimSafer Revision / Assessment

  1. SwimSafer Revision will remain suspended until 24 Oct 2021.

  2. For more information, you may refer to our partner website @

For more information on the latest restrictions, you may refer to SportSG website for more information.


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