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Swim-Related Programmes

We offer a range of swim-related programmes for you to choose from.


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Discover swimming with

a group of friends.

Group class refers to a class with with a mixed group of swimmers. The class is opened for other students to join in as  long as the class is not full. Swimmers can enjoy the lesson while making new friends at the same time.

Price starting from $20 per lesson



  • Consistent class schedule.

  • Affordable fee. 

  • Beneficial for swimmers who learn better through peers (peer learning).


1-1 Private Swimming.png

Get the most attention from the coach

Private class refers to a class with an allocated coach to a specific group of swimmers. The class is not opened for any other swimmers to join, so the group of students enjoy exclusive attention from the coach every lesson. 

Price starting from $27.50 per lesson.



  • Flexible class schedule.

  • Fixed group of students.

  • Beneficial for students who are shy or introvert.

  • Beneficial for students who require attention.


SwimSafer Square.png

All you need for the assessment

Do you wish to know the swimming competency of yourself or someone around you? We provide a comprehensive SwimSafer 2.0 assessment for you.

Revision Fee: $30*

Assessment Fee: $40*

*Get discount code from us


  • National swimming programme recognised by Sport Singapore and Ministry of Education.

  • Sense of achievement for completing each stage.



Where swimmers become lifesavers

Proficient swimmers will learn skill to not only to save self and also to save others. This set of skill set will enable swimmers to become lifesavers. 

Price starting from $20 per lesson.


  • Achieve proficiency in not just survival, but ability to save others in aquatics conditions.

  • Valuable skillset to become a lifeguard or coach.

Water Conditioning / Hydrotherapy


Improving yourself

Meet our Exercise Physiologist for a comprehensive assessment and prescription of exercises. Regardless you are looking at rehabilitation or performance, we have something for you.

Price starting from $27.50 per lesson.


  • Customised programme by our in-house Exercise Physiologist to suit your requirements.

  • Flexible timing to fit your schedule.

  •  Can be done in group setting or individual.


Where are we at

The map below shows our current locations.

The name of the locations are not stated to protect the privacy of our clients.

Please get in touch with us for specific locations.  

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Satisfied clients satisfy us

I am happy that my kids enjoyed their session. They were a bit reluctant initially before the start of swimming lesson. Soon after the lesson, they told me they wanted you to teach them forever.


Casper is good. He has his way with the kids. Thank you so much.


My girls have progressed well since they joined School of Swimology. Guided by friendly & patient instructors, my girls enjoyed their swimming lessons. Thank you to Carus, Ralph, Eddie and team

Mei Fen

The coach and staff are friendly & caring. My daughter had bad experiences in the swimming pool & had reused to go anywhere near it. School of Swimology has helped her overcomed her fears and now she looks forward to swimming lessons every week.


My daughter start learning swimming with School of Swimology and it is very amazing o see how fast she progress from totally not able to step into the pool to be able to swim laps in just a few months. Teachers are very patient and attentive to all the kids. She always look forward to her next lesson. Thank you.


Carus has been very responsive to my child needs and he is a responsible coach. My child enjoyed every lesson and is learning very fast from him.


First impression. Fun, Interactive and impressive swim coaching method.My girl was shy and timid even though she is 10 years old. We are glad this swimming lessons had clearly encouraged her, improved her self-esteem and having fun which is the most important for her learning journey. Good job and effort, School of Swimology.


Clifford is really a nice, caring and patient coach. Thankful to have him to coach my #2.


Thank you Casper so much for your patience and imagination to manage Ewen's fear.


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