2020 Swim Programme Week 7

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Warm Up

100m FR

100m BK


50m Easy

50m Repeats (-3sec)

Repeat until fastest time

Take timing for the 1st Easy set. Use the timing as a benchmark, repeat 50m swim with 3 seconds shorter each time. Repeat until the fastest time is reached. e.g. 1st 50m took 60sec. Aim for 57sec for the 2nd 50m, 54sec for 3rd 50m, and so on until the timing is the fastest time. To determine fastest time, the 50m timing is similar to the previous 50m timing and have no capability of going faster.

Focus on completing each 50m at the planned timing (e.g. if you are supposedly to complete the 50m in 40sec, the timing should be within 38-42 sec. Do not go faster or slower than the given time.


50m Easy

50m Repeats (-6sec)

Repeat until fastest time

Similar to Set 1, except reduce each 50m timing by 6sec.

Set 3 (Optional)

3x50m Sprint

Using the fastest time from Set 1 and 2 (it should be similar), complete another 3x50m with the same timing.

Cool Down

200m Easy