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2020 Swim Programme Week 10

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Warm Up

200m FR

200m BK

Set 1 (x4)

50m FR Kick

50m FR Pull (Left arm)

50m FR Pull (Right arm)

Use a kick board for the kick and pull buoy for the pull.

For the arm pull, you can place the unused arm at the front. Alternatively, you can place it at the side of your body to increase the difficulty.

Repeat the set 4 times.

Set 2 (x4)

100m FR (Crossed legs)

100m BR (Crossed arms)

Without using your legs for frontcrawl swim, aim to keep your legs afloat. Make use of body buoyancy and arm pull to help you with that.

Without using your arms for breaststroke, aim to glide and breath even without your arms. Work on your core muscles to achieve it.

Repeat the set 4 times.

Cool Down

200m Easy

Total Mileage = 1900m

Download image below for easy reference during swim


BF = Butterfly

BR = Breaststroke

BK = Backstroke

FR = Frontcrawl

Easy = Any preferred stroke at easy pace

Hard = Any preferred stroke at race pace

Sprint = Any preferred stroke at sprint pace


For any question on the training programme, please feel free to drop us a message at

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